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Product Details

The design concept of heavy truck is adopted, and the high strength connecting bolt is arranged, the connection is reliable and durable, and the mixing drum is made of high strength wear-resistant material;

The vehicle structure uses sub frame, center of gravity than ordinary car low than 100mm, steady driving safety; the front suspension configuration of horizontal stabilizer bar, rear suspension using the unique structure of the main and auxiliary springs, anti roll ability;

Before and after the bridge with the larger brake, braking distance is shorter; synchronous design with simulation on the chassis, and the chassis condition calculation, with 10000 kilometers of vehicle reliability test, to ensure safe and reliable;

In four emission engine, 180 horsepower, a strong driving force; matching, sophisticated technology, energy saving and environmental protection; to increase the flow of air filter, optimization of intake resistance, filtering efficiency increased by 30% compared with ordinary mixer;

Closed hydraulic system, control is simple, easy to realize stepless speed regulation, high efficiency, small impact force; minimum turning diameter 16m, flexible turning, convenient traffic; vertical headlamps, beautiful atmosphere, light in a wider range;

Construction vehicle professional rearview mirror, a broader view of the driver's cab; 170L aluminum alloy large capacity fuel tank, long life; high efficiency flushing system, large capacity water tank, air pressure water supply, can be free to wash.


Date of complete Motorcycle

Service quality: 11500kg

Maximum allowable total mass: 25000kg

Vehicle dimensions (L * W x H): 8030 x 2500 x 3800mm

Wheelbase: 3025+1300mm

Minimum ground clearance: = 240mm

Minimum turning diameter: less than 15m

One hundred kilometers fuel consumption: less than 25km braking distance V0=30km/h: = 8.5 (full); = 7 (no load)


Upload parameters

Feed speed: 8m3/min

The discharging speed is not less than 5m3/min

Residual rate: 0.5%

Slump range: 50 ~ 210mm

Tank volume: 300L

Working pressure: 0.35-0.38Mpa


Chassis configuration

Hino engine: J08E-VK

Gearbox: fast 9JS119TA

Front axle: 5.0T rear axle: 2 x 10T

Cab: Star Tire: 10.00R20

Brake system: exhaust brake and brake linkage, with ABS

Fuel tank: 200L

Battery: 2 * 12/140V/Ah


Upload configuration

Speed reducer: PMB/ pump: Suote Rexroth

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