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Product Details

High quality concrete

The use of sophisticated measuring equipment and technology, sand, gravel, cement, fly ash and other raw materials, accurate measurement to ensure the stability of concrete quality. The use of high-power mixer, concrete after full mixing, and good workability, strength.

Good construction technology

Pump can pump concrete continuously to ensure that the overall formation of concrete, the quality of the project if the rock solid. The concrete cloth is finished by the pump arm frame pipeline, the precision is high, the waste is small.

High engineering quality

Housing, water conservancy, highway construction, such as the use of modern mechanical construction, advanced process, can greatly improve the quality of the project, safety and service life.

Light ride

The design width, gross weight and height of the pump truck are in line with the requirements of rural roads; the width of the mixer is only 2.3m, and the height of the 3.36M is flexible

Flexible construction

Short arm pump truck, the use of flexible four arm design, limited space can also be flexible construction site, effectively solve the construction of urbanization in the housing, roads, water conservancy construction problems.

Quick installation

The mixing station is compact and compact, and can be transported by 5 9.6m trucks after the separation. Mixing station building blocks, the body covers an area of only 15m * 11m, on-site installation speed.

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