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Curb weight:

Applicable scene:










Product Details

Gross Power:700hp/2100rpm


Max. Torque:2300lbft/1300rpm





cold weather and high elevations


Sany off-highway mining truck SRT55D is the star product of SANY Mining Machinery and its loading capacity is 55 ton. With genuine components provided by world famous manufacturers and advanced technologies, SANY SRT 55 ton mining truck is your best choice at demanding jobsites to load and unload coal, iron ore, quarry, hydropower, cement, construction materials, etc.


High Safety


Multiple Brake Modes


The oil cooled plate brake developed by SANY autonomously integrates service brake, parking brake, slow-down brake and emergency brake to provide higher brake safety guarantee. It completely adapts to the working conditions of cold weather and high elevations and realizes safe and stable braking


Zero Dead Zone Design


The flat type design makes field of view more open and the dead zone is 2m smaller than that of comparable products. Besides, patented rear view mirror layout design realizes operation without dead zone to ensure safer running on a high density construction site.


Roll-Over/Falling-Object Prevention System


The truck cab is standardly equipped with high-strength frame which is more than 20% stronger than products of the same kind. It fully meets relevant standards for protection against turnover and fall.


Reliability and Durability


Optimized Design


The frame welds have been ultrasonically tested for defects to guarantee the truck's reliability and durability. First-class technologies such as hydraulic matching, noise reduction, body and pipeline design, optimal steering technique and imported gearbox ensure the machine's reliability.


Fine Production


Heavy-load and high-strength alloy cast steel shell weld combination structure innovated can function perfectly in collaboration with the cast part quality control system to provide a reliability which is more than 10% higher than that of the comparable products.


Comfort and Economical


Suspension System


The front suspension is SANY's patented McPherson independent suspension equipped with oil/gas suspension cylinder with idle/full load variable damping, the mean square of its vibration acceleration is more than 20% lower than that of similar products and the vibration absorption performance of overall vehicle is better.


Low Cost


The non-breathing hydraulic oil tank is innovated to reduce operation cost. Brand new light weight design technique provides more oil savings. The intelligent self-fault-diagnosis technique is more convenient and safe.  

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