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The design of vehicle safety in the first place, all wheel oil cooled plate brake, independent hydraulic system and braking force, with parallel accumulator and pump to ensure the normal running of the place, and emergency condition can be normal and reliable braking, improve operation safety;

The vehicle has a brake, parking brake and emergency braking, engine exhaust brake and gearbox retarder braking function, to ensure the safety of vehicle operation;

When the hydraulic system is out of order, the parking brake is automatically realized;

The key components are imported, of which the braking system is advanced, reliable and long service life;

Normal braking distance <13m, maintenance cycle >3 years.

An independent hydraulic system with a normally closed steering valve, a pressure compensated plunger pump, and an emergency ground pump;

The use of independent hydraulic system control, regardless of engine speed, can provide the fastest steering response to ensure the vehicle handling performance;

Even if the engine power is lost, the emergency steering system can provide emergency power in time.

The cab is designed with large area panoramic windshield, wide vision and good driving safety;

Handrails guardrail and the design of user-friendly, conducive to the safety of the platform;

3 sets of rearview mirrors are installed on both sides of the platform, and the car body is also provided with a vehicle rear view system to ensure the safety of reversing;

Cab seat using air suspension mechanism, stiffness, high and low, before and after the backrest angle can be adjusted, driving comfort, relieve fatigue;

The driver seat is provided with a safety shoulder belt and a belt, so as to ensure the safe operation of the driver and does not hinder the operation.


The structure of the frame is optimized by Pro-E and ANSYS, and the working condition is strong and reliable;

The whole box girder as the main body of the side beam welding frame structure is chosen as the main material of alloy structural steel has good impact toughness at low temperature, in cylinder, torsion beam, a rear base etc. the stress concentration of key parts, adopt the high strength alloy steel castings (red part), the frame has bending, the torsion resistance and good impact toughness;

Through the simulation test of the frame, the frame can be subjected to nearly ten million times of loading vibration test, which has high reliability and long service life.

Reliability: Carriage

The carriage has the advantages of large capacity, high strength, wear resistance, impact resistance, low loading height and low center of gravity;

The double duck tailed car structure, the carriage return to low gravity, material, vehicle running stability, reducing the material overflow;

The main structure is made of high hardness, high strength and high wear resistant steel plate, and the bottom transverse box section beam and the reinforcing rib make the structure of the carriage more firm, wear resistant and have a long service life;

The carriage is supported by a detachable strong elastic cushion, which can relieve various shocks, and the limit device is arranged at the front part of the carriage, and is dispersed, the frame is stressed and the running stability of the vehicle is enhanced.

The cab is made of steel frame, safe and firm, the interior design is in line with the human body engineering, the seal, the sound insulation, the interior trim, the accessories are complete;

The structure design of the cab can meet the international mining authority safety standards through the FOPS/ROPS anti falling and anti dumping certification.

Dynamic property

German origin MTU OM502LA;

8 cylinder V arrangement, turbocharged, water-cooled;

Total power 350 kW /1800rpm, maximum torque 2300N.m/1300rpm;

Displacement 15.93L

Discharge meets 97/68/EG Stufe 3A standards.

Germany original ZF 8EP420, flexible automatic shift, high transmission efficiency, long life, high reliability;

Hydraulic torque converter, hydraulic retarder and planetary gear transmission, combination, integration of the main reducer and differential assembly, equipped with multi type hydraulic differential lock;

Intelligent electronic control system can be automatically connected to the gearbox, engine and braking system, rather than by manual adjustment, do all digital intelligent control, power, speed and braking three-in-one, greatly improving the power, safety, economy, cross-country climbing ability of the vehicle, the vehicle in the best running state the.

German Kessler drive axle;

Large transmission ratio design, with heavy load drive capability;

Forced oil cooling, cold braking;

Forced locking differential lock.

The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages of good adaptability and good aging resistance, and the utility model has the advantages that the special wide tyre is suitable for the bad working conditions;

Tire type: 29.5R25.

Ride suspension system

Front suspension cylinder using the new variable damping empty / load adaptive technology, good elasticity, vibration attenuation, long service life, good coordination and solve the matching problem of car damping under different load conditions of oil-gas suspension system;

The rear suspension system consists of a balance beam hanging rubber damper which has good damping effect and maintainability, can absorb the impact of road is very good, also can keep the driver comfortable operation even in poor work environment;

The A shaped frame and the cross rod are connected with the frame through the maintenance free rubber joint bearing, which can effectively reduce the impact and is convenient to use.

Ride comfort

The use of articulated steering, full hydraulic power steering, steering wheel to ensure the operation of light, flexible;

According to the principle of Ackerman, the steering hinge structure is optimized by MATLAB, and the steering action is real-time and accurate to ensure the driving stability.

The engine, gearbox and axle assembly are installed by the way of the transmission shaft, the maintenance or disassembly of each component, and the other is not affected;

Engine, gearbox and various water / oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil tank, fuel tank can be from the right side of the ground or a cab wide platform close, especially the integrated layout of daily inspection points, convenient maintenance;

The A shape frame and the transverse pull rod are connected with the frame through the rubber joint bearing, and the utility model has the advantages of no maintenance, stability, reliability and long service life

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