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Security: to build the 3 security advantages to ensure safe operation of mine


Type 3300 full stiffness skeleton wide unilateral driving cab.

The main body of the cab is a steel frame structure, which has strong resistance to impact and external force.

With the curvature of the front windshield, flat head design makes the field of vision, high-density construction site safer.

Rear overhang

After the spring from the center of 1370mm, spring plate after single frame standard load of 37 tons by 35 tons; driving axle drive axle, rear wheel distance up to 2494mm, the wheel width reached 3320mm. The widening of the center distance of the leaf spring and the long drive axle can improve the lateral stability of the vehicle and drive more safely.

Ore bin

In the case of the same volume, the total length of the vehicle is shorter and the axle load distribution is more reasonable. The bottom plate of the utility model is an integrally formed welding small mine tail structure, which can improve the clearance of the container when unloading, the diversion of the discharge is better, and the rear wheel does not need to retreat to the edge of the slag table to discharge, thereby improving the safety of unloading.

Reliable: independent innovation technology and the integration of the advantages of group resources, cast 6 major advantages of reliability


High strength steel plate welded rigid frame structure, to eliminate the riveted frame of the rivet fracture, aperture and other issues, improve the service life of the frame.

The longitudinal beam is a box type structure, and the bearing capacity is strong.

No need to install the sub frame, the vehicle center of gravity is low, the driving is stable, is more suitable for the bad mine working condition.

Through the circular pipe structure, eliminate the rigid frame cracking, welding problems.

Rear overhang

According to the structure of Steyr high failure rate of the steel suspension, the whole welding type balance suspension, enhanced the detachable balance shaft, greatly reduces the failure rate.

Each side with 4 30U bolt, the use of the United States patented special self-locking nuts, locking reliable;

The reaction rod is strengthened and the strength is improved.

Widen the leaf spring, ensure the reliability and enhance the ride comfort.

rear axle

The bearing capacity is strong, and the special cast steel double pole reduction drive axle of the mining vehicle is used, and the single axle load can reach 40T.

High impact resistance, fatigue resistance, high reliability.

The main reduction technology is mature, the transmission torque is large, the failure rate is low.

Reinforced wheel side reduction mechanism.

The utility model has the advantages of good braking performance and high reliability.

Strong quality assurance and testing skills.


Low speed, high torque, large displacement, adapt to high gear climbing, the driver is easy to operate.

A single cylinder four valve cylinder head cover, jacket patent cooling, to ensure the diesel working reliability.

Equipped with cylinder brake function, brake power is greater, more safe driving.

Transmission case

High torque gearbox.

According to customer needs, fast mechanical transmission or automatic transmission Allison.

Hydraulic system

Adopting advanced technology in Europe, the lifting force is large, the system is stable and reliable, and the failure rate is low.

Large bore hydraulic cylinder of high strength tempered tube, the lifting force is stronger, can effectively improve the hydraulic system of the anti overload ability, stress release, do not bend.

Hydraulic system to reduce the pressure of at least 33%, higher reliability.

The utility model adopts a new sealing structure with a combined sealing type, which is more suitable for the short frequency operation of the mine short barge.

Economy: independent patent technology to create 3 economic advantages


The optimal matching of Weichai engine type, the maximum of the best performance of the engine. The best fuel consumption in order to meet the demand of power, for the user to save the cost of production.

The big car

According to the different types of material, the optional standard box, bucket of rock and pull the coal scuttle.

The box is a patent lightweight car, the quality is lighter, the center of gravity is lower, and the driving stability and fuel economy are improved.

High strength wear resistant plate to improve service life, according to the actual operating conditions, the annual wear is about 1mm, the operating cost is greatly reduced.

Drive axle

The drive axle has a number of speed ratios to choose from, and can choose the most reasonable drive axle ratio according to the actual operating conditions of different mining areas, improve the transportation efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption rate.

High efficiency: optimization design, with 2 major advantages


Chassis length is smaller, compared with the same volume of the mine car, wheelbase and frame length is smaller, greatly reducing the turning radius of the vehicle, improve vehicle handling and maneuverability.

After the design of the hinge structure, compared with the ordinary mining car, the rear hinge position relative to the rear suspension of 300 ~ 400mm, can effectively prevent the process of unloading "flying" phenomenon.

The front suspension

Low maintenance, reduce vehicle maintenance time, improve the attendance rate, especially for the cold area, solve the problem of plate spring easy to break;

Optimize the installation space of the pin shaft.

Comfort: domestic advanced technology, with 2 major advantages of comfort


Semi floating single cab.

Oil gas spring adjustable seat.

Equipped with automatic control air conditioner.

Surround type instrument, adjustable steering wheel, bring you more convenient operation.

Front suspension

The patent technology is independent of the oil and gas suspension to overcome the problem of high failure rate and poor comfort. The steering power cylinder is arranged at the rear end of the front axle to prevent the cylinder and the bridge from moving relative to the cylinder, so as to ensure the uniform and stable steering force.

The comfort performance is superior, the full load frequency of the oil and gas suspension is 2.2Hz, the no-load frequency is 1.6Hz, the leaf springs are 2.6Hz, 4Hz, the higher the frequency, the worse the comfort.

The variable stiffness self contained nitrogen / oil suspension cylinder can ensure the suspension stiffness, change the empty full load frequency, improve the vehicle ride comfort, reduce the driving fatigue strength and improve the driving comfort.

The oil and gas spring is installed on a narrow and wide "eight" shape to improve the vehicle roll stiffness and handling stability.

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