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Curb weight:

Applicable scene:










Product Details

Max. Lifting Capacity:35 t


Max.Traveling Speed: 37 km/h


Boom Length:10-31.5m


Sany SRC350 rough terrain crane boasts excellent travelling capacity and high performance chassis system. It can handle tight traffic and complex road conditions due to its small minimum turning radius of only 6.2m.


Ultra long and super strong boom system 

The 35 ton rough terrian crane features a four-section boom made from high strength steel and optimized U-shaped section, which reduce weight and improve safety significantly. Jib mounting angles are 0°, 20°, and 30° which ensure fast and convenient change-over between different operating conditions so as to improve working efficiency of the machine.


Highly efficient and unique hydraulic system

Hydraulic system load feedback and constant power control provide strong lifting capacity and good micro-mobility. Unique steering buffer design guarantees smooth braking operation.


Safe and reliable control system

Uses a self-developed controller SYMC specially designed for engineering machinery. The application of CAN-bus fully digital network control technology ensures stable control signal, simple harness and high reliability. It can provide feedback on data and monitor the working condition of whole crane in real-time. 


The load moment limiter is configured with comprehensive intelligent protection system that achieves precision within 10%. By using a comprehensive logic and interlock control system, the SRC350 ensures safe and reliable operation. 

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