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Curb weight:

Applicable scene:










Product Details

Max Lifting Capacity:140t


Max Lifting Moment:668t·m


Boom Length:80m


Sany SCC1350E crawler crane's maximum lifting capacity is 135 tons, with multifunctional boom system, the crane may support a combination of up to 11 types of operating conditions. The 135 ton crawler tower suits for various business requirements.


Superior Performance


Strong Power Supply


SDEC inline six-cylinder, four-stroke diesel engine complies with Tier 3 emission standard; with the rated power of 251kW@2200rpm, maximum output torque 1430Nm@1400rpm.


Powerful Lifting Capacity


The maximum lifting capacity of main boom is 140t, maximum lifting moment 668t•m (95.4t×7m) , maximum length is 80m. For fixed jib, the maximum lifting capacity is 30t, and the longest combination is 65m+31m.


Excellent Operation


Load-sensing system, limit load regulation, and electronic-over-hydraulic proportional micro-speed controls ensure smooth micro-movement and stable operation.


Easy to Transport


Global Transport Standard


The basic crane is a 32.8t in transport weight and 3m in transport width, saving your transportation cost.


Economical Transportation Mode


Transported by 5 vehicles (80m boom+31m jib).


High Efficiency


Efficient Self-assembly


Capable of self-assembling the basic crane, crawler frame, central ballast, counterweight and boom system. The entire self-assembly time is less than 7h.


Calibration-free Technology


The load moment limiter does not need recalibration when changing working condition. This makes construction more efficient and more convenient.


Safety and Reliability


Safe Control System


Switch between the operation and installation modes ensures the safety, and the crane's functions including real-time display of machine levelness, off-line stop, emergency electric control, lightning protection, and closed-circuit monitoring are highly convenient and reliable.


Reliable Function Guarantee


Core components of international well-known brands; sufficient safety margin in structural design; the control system runs stably even in extreme cold / hot weather, high altitude and sandy regions.


Diverse Application


Wide Adaptability


Comply with the certification of CE, North America, Australia, Russia and China Taiwan, and Tier 3 off-road emission standards in Europe and America. Widely used in shipbuilding, subway, thermal power, municipal engineering, and metallurgy.


Special Function Application (optional)


The main and auxiliary hooks operate simultaneously.


More Optional Functions


Optional luffing jib working condition, double-free fall, counterweight self-assembly, fuel and hydraulic oil heating device, high-pressure alarm system, and automatic forward function.

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