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Product Details

Strong lifting capacity

The maximum lifting weight of the main arm is 110t, the maximum lifting moment is 620t * m, the longest main arm is 74m, the maximum weight of the fixed auxiliary arm is 26.4t, and the maximum length of the fixed auxiliary arm is 56m+31m.

Global transport standards

Main engine transport weight 35t, transport width 3M, save transportation cost.

The most economical mode of transport

All 5 vehicles transport (main jib arm 74m+ 31m).

Efficient self loading and unloading technology

The self loading and unloading of the host can be realized, and the crawler frame, the central counterweight, the rear counterweight and the arm frame can realize self loading and unloading. Since the installation time is less than 7h.

Special function application (optional)

Slewing zone restriction technique.

Calibration technique of moment limiter

No need to re calibrate the working condition. Higher construction efficiency, more convenient to use.

Safety control system

Work and installation of two modes of operation is convenient and reliable; equipped with electronic level display; from the machine stop, emergency electrical control, lightning protection, automatic reversing, walking closed-circuit monitoring function, safe and complete monitoring system.

Main technical features

Excellent operating performance load sensitivity, limit load regulation and electro-hydraulic proportional micro speed control, so that the action of micro motion is excellent, more stable operation.

Strong power supply

Dong Kang or on the three stage of emission of the engine, it is not only strong, low carbon environmental protection.

Reliable functional assurance

The key parts are well-known brands; the structure and mechanism design is safe and reliable, and the control system can be operated stably in high temperature, high temperature, high altitude and severe wind sand environment.

Wide adaptability

In line with CE, North America, Australia, Russia and Taiwan, the certification and the European and American non highway third phase emission standards, can be widely used in shipbuilding, subway, thermal power, municipal, metallurgical and other industries.

More optional features

Optional rear weight self loading and unloading.

Optional fuel and hydraulic oil heating device.

High voltage alarm system.

Optional automatic forward function.

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