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Curb weight:

Applicable scene:










Product Details

Max Lifting Capacity:55t


Max Lifting Moment:187t·m


Boom Length:42m


Safe Control System


Switch between the operation and installation modes is more convenient and reliable, and the crane's functions including electronic level gauge, off-line stop, emergency electric control, and monitoring ensure your safety; load moment limiter is free of calibration, which provides you with a safer operation and costs you less time.


Reliable Function Guarantee


Sufficient safety margin in structural design; the control system runs stably even in extreme cold/hot weather, high altitude and sandy regions; advanced hydraulic technology, lightning protection, waterproof/dustproof devices are adopted to ensure the whole machine's stability and reliability; the crane passed the verification test of the strength twice higher than that in the industry.


Excellent Operation


Maximum load regulation and electronic proportion controls ensure smooth micro-movement and stable operation. A real-time queried electronic load chart is provided, more conveniently and quickly;


Convenient Maintenance Access


It takes no more than 10min/person to adjust, no more than 30 min/person for daily maintenance and no more than 2h/person to repair the machine.


Powerful Lifting Capacity


Wide-track chassis is design to ensure excellent overall and operating stability within 360°slewing range, the max. lifting capacity of boom is 37tx4.5m, the length of fully extended boom is 42m and the rated single rope pull of main and auxiliary winch is 5.1t.


Efficient Operating Speed


Outmost layer line speed of main and auxiliary lifting winches is 120m/min; Cummins 6-cylinder engine with rated power of 154kW@2200rpm, maximum torque of 870Nm@1400rpm


Optimized Transportation


With telescopic crawler, the maximum transportation width of whole machine is 3.36m, overall weight is 59.5t and self-disassembly/assembly could be achieved and the max. Single transport weight is 37t (excluding jib and auxiliary winch).

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