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Curb weight:

Applicable scene:










Product Details

Max. Lifting Capacity:50t


Max.Traveling Speed: 85 km/h


Boom Length:11.5-43m


Sany STC500 truck crane is designed with five-section boom that is made of high strength steel structure and optimized U-shaped cross section. Its maximum lifting capacity is 50 ton, full-extended boom length of 43m.


Superior Performance


Efficient & Unique Hydraulic System


Load feedback and constant power control of the 50 ton truck crane is applied to provide strong lifting capacity and good micro-mobility. Unique steering buffer design is adopted to ensure stable braking operation.


Excellent Traveling Performance


Double-axle drive is used to provide good trafficability and comfortableness under complex road condition; engine has the multimode power output function, which reduces power consumption; the use of tipping over early-warning technology provides high stable and safe operation.


Safety and Stability


Intelligent Electronic Control


Self-developed controller SYMC special for engineering machinery is configured. The adoption of CAN-bus full-digital network control technology ensures stable control signal, simple harness, and high reliability. Timely feedback of data information can achieve the monitoring of the overall working status in real time.


The Load Moment Limiter


Equipped with the comprehensive intelligent protection system is used with accuracy within 5%. The adoption of comprehensive logic and interlock control system ensures more safe and reliable operation.


More Safe Devices


Main and auxiliary winches are equipped with over roll-out limiter to prevent over rolling-out of wire rope.


Boom and jib ends are equipped with height limiters respectively to prevent over-hoisting of wire rope.


Hydraulic system is configured with the balance valve, overflow valve and two-way hydraulic lock etc., to ensure stable and reliable operation.

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