What should I do if the tire blows out at high speed?

If it is a front tire blowout: Be sure to hold the steering wheel tightly, adjust the front of the car, and do it gently, do not slam the steering wheel repeatedly, and do not slam on the brakes. Triangle to prevent secondary accidents.

If it is a rear tire blowout: the car will be in an unstable state, producing a slight force, making the car tend to the side of the flat tire. Here we want to emphasize that the difference from the front tire burst is that since the rear wheel does not have a guiding function, and the weight of the rear wheel of a general car is relatively low, the rear tire burst is not very dangerous, just hold firmly. Just the steering wheel.

Daily Notes:

1: Improve the awareness of tire safety, usually check tires more often, especially before going to high speed, be sure to do a full and detailed inspection, in addition to tire pressure, also observe whether there are cracks on the side of the tire and tread wear , hidden dangers should be eliminated in time.

2: Carry out tire rotation on a regular basis. In order to keep the tires on the same vehicle evenly worn, the tires should be rotated every 5,000 kilometers, and four-wheel alignment should be performed every 5,000~10,000 kilometers to avoid abnormal tire wear. It is not allowed to install tires of different models or large differences between new and old on the same axle.